July 9, 2009

Moving furniture.

We moved the Deja Neu things to 1stdibs.com. Check it out, when you have a moment. There's a comprehensive listing of all of the furnishings we have in the store -- much more than we were able to feature on this site or in our mailers. (What's that? You wish you were on our mailing list? Just ask!)

Of course, nothing beats coming into the store to test drive the furniture. A few moments in the yellow armchair or a quick trial of the pale green cowhide loveseat (yeah, you heard me) and you'll become a believer. But when a picture's all you can get, or when you're on a mission, 1stdibs.com is a helpful resource. Here's the url: http://www.1stdibs.com/furniture_search.php?FRID=amqZZ5dkwpLH