July 9, 2009


Sorry for the long pause between blogs. To be honest, we're still deciding what we'd like this blog to be.
Of course, while we were thinking, the blog wasn't anything.
In the meantime, we did this:

I'd intended to write a little more snarky Disney dialogue for this blog while we were conceiving the window but I changed my mind as we were putting it in. Some time between working out the logistical troubles (which were plentiful) and laughing at our own goofy jokes we noticed that passers-by were stopping and reading and laughing and chatting with each other. We were able to communicate how much fun we were having! It made for a good afternoon.

A word about that sale -- nearly everything is half off, now. We have a little bit of everything left, but of note is a pretty good selection of Spring designer sportcoats in a nice range of sizes. Now's your chance. There are plenty of good t-shirts left, too.