July 12, 2009

24 Hour Pate People.

Well, Tim called it. I do enjoy a nice pate now and then. It's really tasty on a fresh baguette. I like the chicken-liver terrine. Maybe it's all the butter in it, but I like the smooth texture. I don't make pate myself, though.

I do have other creative outlets. For example, I bet that you didn't know this: we print every one of the shopping bags by hand, with hand-carved stamps. Each bag is an original. In fact, sometimes when we're on a roll, a logo can accidentally get printed upside down! (Are these a collector's item?)

We're not nuts; we just like the rough-hewn groove
that mass production can't copy. And we agreed with Mr. D. that it would look cool. So how long can we keep this up? Well, today Loud Music will be heard at the underground Straw Lair. And I will hand stamp about thirty bags. Each one will have its own peculiar individuality.

I may not get "blisters on my fingers," but I will get ink on my hands. I'll have to clean up before I slice into that baguette.

-Mrs. Straw