July 9, 2009


1. I think I'm going to refer to the store staff, collectively, as Jack. It amuses me when people call the store asking for Jack Straw. I'm usually so tickled that I answer, honestly, that Jack isn't in, and ask if I can take a message for him. (P.S. There's no Jack. This isn't the post where the mystery of our name is revealed, though; I'm going to let the suspense mount.)
So: if something is signed Jack, it's from all of us. The same will go for co-written posts, and a lot of them are.

2. If, however, a blog is somebody's personal entry then it'll be signed by the poster. This, like when you're watching the commentary track on a DVD and the parent company disclaims that they don't necessarily agree with what their artists are saying, is to protect us from having to take responsibility for each other's weird opinions. Here's a true-life example:

I like liver. I'm Tim, by the way.
Maresa doesn't, but has never said no to an honest pate.
John is vegetarian (I almost used quotes there, but resisted), and would turn inside out before he ate liver.
Paola and I haven't discussed it, but I bet she's in favor. In fact, I bet she has a few good recipes.
I'd be startled if Ryan was pro-liver, but he is constantly surprising me.

And that's the core crew.

3. Points one and two lead naturally here -- we're all going to be posting. And not just about clothing and furniture, as excited as we are about it. There's kind of a lot to say.