August 13, 2014

IN THE WINDOW: Celebrating Sofie

It's no secret that Sofie D'Hoore is one of our favorite designers for women. She just gets it.

We can use terms like “architectural,” and “minimal” when talking of clothes like D'hoore's, but those words seem to miss the grace and direct approach of Sofie's work. Maybe sometimes simplicity is the same as minimalism, and cleanliness can lead to modernism, but her kind of clean and simple comes from necessity and everyday use.

The line feels like a collection of the best essentials, pared down to their most practical, wholesome elements, with all ones' needs provided for. On the scale of precious to severe, D'Hoore falls somewhere in the middle; straight forward, unadorned, and honed. Perhaps it was the dental training that gave D'hoore her eye for clean detail?