August 14, 2014

DEAR Robin,

Robin Williams and his lovely partner Susan visited our store prior to his heart attack a while back. When he walked in he was immediately engaging and truly interested in what we were about. Of course, knowing who he was I became quite nervous, but he asked for a tour of the space, and I showed him around. When we got to our bathroom (all white), with a picture of the "white" album in it, I told him the room was dedicated to that Beatles album, and he loved it.

Then, he saw my photo of Bob Dylan on the wall and did an amazing Dylan imitation! We talked about Dylan to great lengths (he met him) and by that time I had become so relaxed with him. He ended up purchasing the coolest clothing in the store, and while shopping he fell in love with a coat that I did not have in his size, so while leaving he gave me his personal email and home address. I searched high and low for that coat, and finally had it sent from Italy to him. Upon receiving the coat he was so gracious and Thankful.

When he became ill I sent him an email saying that I was rooting for him. He responded with a thank you.

Robin, I thank you for your kindness towards me. -Love, John