October 9, 2014

NEW ARRIVALS: Blue Blue Japan, Finamore, and Howlin'

Our men's collection at Jackstraw is full of designers and makers from all over the world. Some are continuing in ages-old traditions, some innovating, and most are doing both. Here we've put together looks using some of our favorite pieces in the shop with the newest arrivals from Blue Blue Japan, Finamore, and Howlin'

Wool Hooded Jacket, TS(S) / Scarf, Engineered Garments / Sweater, Howlin' / Trousers, J.W. Brine

Antwerp's Howlin' irreverently makes knitwear that is both completely classic and current. Each sweater, scarf, or hat is finished by hand-knitters in Ireland and Scotland. 

  Textured Wool Topcoat, Blue Blue Japan / Crewneck Sweatshirt with Pockets, Blue Blue Japan / Knit Trousers, Blue Blue Japan / Watchcap, Howlin'

Textured Cotton Topcoat, Blue Blue Japan / Red Hoodie, Blue Blue Japan / Knit Trousers, Blue Blue Japan 

Blue Blue Japan carefully hand-dyes each garment with natural Indigo dye and traditional methods. These pieces are entirely made in Japan with sturdy garment construction meant to last and patina with wear. Also, these are THE BEST hoodies available.

Grey Suit, Finamore / Flannel Shirt, Mazzarelli / Knit Tie, Finamore / Corduroy Deer Stalker Hat, Engineered Garments

Finamore is a classic Italian brand founded in the 1920's. They've succeeded in setting themselves apart by combining Italian tailoring with a fine set of un-classic details.   

Jacket, Boglioli / Vest, TS(S) / Shirt, Mazzarelli / Tie, Finamore / Corduroy Trousers, Blue Blue Japan