October 22, 2014

NEW ARRIVALS: 8.15, Love and Peace

On August 15th in 1945, WWII officially ended. The end of devastation, the beginning of hope. The end of destruction, the beginning of rebuilding. People saw their neighbors under a new light of shared human experience; this war was awful for everyone, across all fences and borders. 

Then there's August 15th, 1969; the first day of Woodstock Music and Art Fair, a three-day-long celebration of equality and love in the Catskills. 500,000 American kids gathered together, swayed to protest songs, and dreamed of building a better society with love at it's core. Perhaps they were idealistic but they hated the things we hate, greed, violence, close-mindedness.

These two historical dates inspire 8.15's menswear. Harris Tweed, Tattersall printed flannel, old school tailoring, and classic shapes: Forever and now, and what you want for tomorrow.