August 28, 2014

NEW ARRIVALS: Engineered Garments

I believe we are mostly born with a certain taste. We like the things we like, and although we add and take away from each side of the 'like' and 'dislike' piles throughout our lives, there is a core sensibility that is always with us. Daiki Suzuki, designer (or engineer) of Engineered Garments, has always loved functional, oldschool outdoor gear. This love can be spotted everywhere, specifically in his frequent and faithful use of the noblest fiber: Wool. His men's and women's lines both point strongly to a northwest aesthetic without looking like a lumberjack cliché.

above: corduroy suit / below: elbow patch sweatshirt and reversible wool raincoat

While many things these days feel like they're groping around for heritage and authenticity, Suzuki makes masterful replicas with his own genius twist. Plus, wool is absolutely the state fiber, and works well in our kind of all-day, light autumn rains. --or maybe the state fiber is 'beard'?

above: bias plaid shirt / below: twill jacket and trousers, and wool jacket

And for Women: FWK

above: shawl collar sweater and wool vest  
below: two tone long vest, hats, and corduroy jacket
above: flannel hunting dress and cotton shirts