March 4, 2014


Sofie D'Hoore was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1962. With a doctor as a father, she grew up in an intellectual and artistic environment.

In 1978 she started a degree course in dentistry at the University of Leuven. On completing her training, and still only 21, Sofie D'Hoore hesitated to go into practice immediately.

Passionately interested in fashion from her earliest years, she decided to take this new path, and in 1984 entered the Ghent textile engineering college. This first step in this sector motivated her to enter the Antwerp Academy in 1985.

After several short-term placements in the ready-to-wear sector, Sofie D'Hoore decided to leave for Italy.

In Milan she obtained, in 1987, a post as head of production for the Belgian line "Private Collection". Her style quickly attracted attention. Within three years a professional in the sector had spotted her and encouraged her to create her own collection.

Back in Brussels she founded the company Fashion Ink in partnership with Chantal Spaas; with Sofie D'Hoore looking after the creative side, and her partner handling the management aspects of the business.

With a combination of creativity and determination, the first "Sofie D'Hoore" collection was launched in September 1992.

Sofie D'Hoore looks at fashion with a purist's eye. A demanding and sophisticated perfectionist, her cut and choice of materials are rarely equalled.

Her particular penchant is for comfortable, well-structured clothes. Her style is defined by the purity of its lines, strict cutting, and the balance of its flowing, structured volumes.

Sofie D'Hoore's philosophy is that of timelessness. She dresses women, never disguises them. With class, discretion and reserve.

From one collection to another, her style seems never to go out of fashion. Renewed from season to season; it flirts with absolute modernism.