March 18, 2014


Moving on up! (Just about six blocks.)

After almost six happy years on the West Edge, Jack Straw is moving six blocks up First Ave. We’ll miss our lovely neighbor Nealy Blau and her fantastic store A Mano, our exposed brick walls, the views of the ferris wheel, Harbor Steps, and the hammering man outside the SAM, and all the other little blessings of the West Edge a lot. BUT we’re looking forward to settling into our new digs at 1930 First Ave. and are excited to get to know the new surroundings. For all of you old Seattleites, we’ll be moving into the old Peter Miller space, and our contractor and staff have been working to create a space that John describes as “Scandinavian ski lodge.” Very Jack Straw. We’ll be right next door to Baby & Co. and across the street from Le Pichet, and just an organic, free-range stone’s throw from the Pike Place Market and all of its treasures. We look forward to seeing you in our current space at 1117 First Ave. until March 29, and at our new space starting April 1.

1930 1stAvenue. Seattle.Washington. 98101 206.462.6236