February 13, 2014

NEW arrivals from TS(S)

基本と進化( Basic and Evolution )
標準と流行( Standard and Mode )
解放と緊張( Casual and Formal )

● デザイナー 鈴木 卓爾( Suzuki Takuji )
同時にフィレンツェで開催の合同展示会「PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO」に初参加、
2010年ミラノの「Marziano Bello Showroom」とユーロ圏における販売契約を結ぶ。
2011年6月 ニューヨークの「Battery SR Ltd. / John Shimazaki」と北米圏における販売契約を結ぶ。
「Takuji Suzuki for BOGLIOLI」という新たなラインとしてデザインを提供。
2012年9月 代官山にアトリエ併設の直営店をオープン。
2013年1月 ニューヨークのショールームを「M5」へと変更し北米圏における販売契約を結ぶ。

● 都内取り扱い店
アダム エ ロペ、原宿キャシディ 等

 On the base of the unique traditional style with the contemporary interpretation,
the line-up is constituted with adapting the styles of Work, Military, Sport and so on.
Basic and Evolution
Standard and Mode
Casual and Formal
In between the factors above which are opposed, aims to have own balance and stance of "creation whichis ever existed but never existed" and "unpredictableness with dignity"
by being particular in colors and patterns,and by conducting the unique blend and switch 
for the way of adopting materials.

Designer : Takuji SUZUKI
-Curriculum vitae-
*Graduated BA in Dress Design by Kuwasawa Design Institute Dress Design
*Worked as a freelance stylist, an editor, and a creative director for fashion magazine.
*1999            Started the men's wear brand "TS"
*2009 Jan.    Altered the brand name into "ts(s)" with the reconstruction of the brand concept.
Participating "Pitti Immagine Uomo 75" in Florence as the first time.
Remaining the participation to "Pitti Immagine" twice a year.
*2010 Jan.    Contracted with the agent, Marziano Bello Showroom, in Milan.
*2011 Jun.    Contracted with the agent, Battery SR Ltd.( John Shimazaki), in New York.
*2012            From Fall & Winter collection, Started to provide design to the Italian tailoring brand,
BOGLIOLI, as the new line, ‘ Takuji Suzuki for BOGLIOLI ’.
*2012 Sep.    Opened own shop at Daikanyama in Tokyo, which has atelier in the back yard.
*2013 Jan.    Change the agent to M5 in NY and contracted to sell in North America.