November 21, 2013



In 1994, Consuelo and Gianni Castiglioni launched Marni, the iconic luxury, eclectic women’s clothing and accessories collection.
The designer, Consuelo Castiglioni, created an avant-garde spirit balancing exceptionally-crafted ready-to-wear with a complete line of accessories. Consuelo’s modern approach to materials and silhouette, juxtaposing color, exclusive prints and textures has resulted in a new, unique form of functionality.

In addition to the women’s collection, Marni men’s launched in Spring Summer 2002 followed by Eyewear for Fall Winter 2005–06 and Summer and Winter Editions in 2009.

At the Marni Milan headquarters, the company takes pride in its internal, vertical production and distribution units. Each season, continuous product research results in new, innovative techniques enhancing the quality across a wide spans of product categories. As the selection of Marni products broadens, standards are maintained with each item retaining a unique, immediately-recognizable Marni artisanal touch.