February 6, 2013


Jack Straw is so pleased to carry both brothers,Takuji and Daiki Suzuki's clothing collections.

Takuji is founder and designer of the great clothing collection TS(s. Takuji's collection is completely made in Japan with textiles that are created by and exclusively made for TS(s). TS(s) has a soulful and close to a spiritual quality about it. 

His beloved brother Daiki designs for my favorite American collection by the name of Engineered Garments. Daiki's designs firmly have one foot in the past and one foot in the now. The clothing represents post industrial American work wear with a modern Japanese esthetic tossed into the mix.

Though these two have a different point of view, what is truly apparent is their love of clothing! 

Welcome to Jack Straw my brothers,it is a privilege to be among you.

Yours truly,

John Richards