April 21, 2010

We talk about Dries Van Noten a lot. We just can't seem to get enough of him.  Below are descriptions and images of the amazing textile world that Dries has produced for his spring/summer collection. Which we proudly carry at Jack Straw. 


Ikat, originating mainly in India and Pakistan, is a weaving technique for which yarn is first tie-dyed and then woven to create an intricately detailed fabric. There are three predominant methods of producing Ikat, before weaving either the warp (the length) or warp (the width) yarns are tie-dyed to create warp Ikat or weft Ikat, or both are coloured to create double Ikat.

Woodblock printing
An object is used to stamp identical and repeated designs onto a material or fabric. Woodblock was first devised for letterpress printing by the Chinese over two thousand years ago and later evolved in India and China as a technique for printing motifs and colours on fabrics. It remains in daily use today.