March 10, 2010

Spring has arrived in full bloom

We aim to please at Jack Straw. 
We have had so many requests to carry women's clothing and we just couldn't keep turning ladies away. As Laura Cassidy described in her blog, the new women's space is like an "American folk song hummed on a modern side street in Antwerp." Couldn't have said it better myself, Laura. Thank you!

     Our own little slice of Antwerp here at Jack Straw.

On the road to Antwerp, via Seattle. 

Sofie D'Hoore was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1962, and looks at fashion with a purist's eye. A demanding and sophisticated perfectionist, her cut and choice of materials is rarely equaled.

Her particular penchant is for comfortable, well-built clothes. It's a refined style with pure lines, strict cutting, and flowing (but structured) volume.

Sofie D'Hoore makes timeless clothes. She dresses women (never disguises them) with class, discretion and reserve.