February 15, 2010

Women are more than welcome!

Hello there.
Women have always been welcome at Jack Straw, but now there's an even better reason to come in and visit! Jack Straw is introducing women's clothing to the already amazing men's stuff.

We have wonderful designers such as Dries Van Noten and Sofie D'Hoore, and some unknown gems like Stella Love, a local that we are proud to solely represent. Check out the February's issue of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine by Laura Cassidy to read more about it.

Here are a few teasers from the Stella Love collection:

Betty Draper

Okay, I am addicted. Named after Mad Men ’s Betty Draper, but inspired by the 50's.
It's more than the clothes. I like pineapple upside-cake. I like Eero Saarinen’s molded plastic tulip chair. I like the whole aesthetic. Admit it it--you can see Betty D. floating around the kitchen with a martini in one hand, a jello mold in the other, this dress on her back, and a cigarette in her mouth.

100% Italian cotton
Plaid under dress with pin tuck bodice detail and sheer cotton apron overlay.


Perfect for a picnic, but just as good for running errands. Inspired by a vintage dress found in Fargo, North Dakota. Named after my home-ec teacher in high school, who taught me how to make a bad-ass red velvet cake and gave me an A for my Western-style fine-wale corduroy shirt. The dress’s shawl collar is matte washed cotton. Best worn with cat eye glasses.

100% Washed Italian cotton

If you would like to read and see more, visit stellalove.com.