December 7, 2009

It's A Wonderful Life

Proof that wishes sometimes come true: we were dreaming of a white Christmas.

Before you get excited -- nope, the penguin's not for sale. Those great chairs are, though...

Come in for some funky holiday cheer. We'll have a bottle of something open, and It's A Wonderful Life is running on a loop. On our wall. We have a few cozy Inis Meain sweaters left, and in this cold snap they feel like wearing a hug. There's some new furniture, too, that would look really good under the tree. (Check it out at 1stdibs, if it's been a while since you visited.) We'll probably make some fudge or toffee or something for the front counter, too, at some point.

We haven't written too much about Yohji Yamamoto this season, which is kind of shame, but there are still a few great pieces left, like this coat:

Jeffrey, the dude in the coat, is a good friend of the store. He's known John since the Kennedy administration or so, and he visits regularly. Looks pretty good in the Yohji, right?

So please swing in, and we'll raise a glass to the holiday you're celebrating. We probably won't be playing Christmas music.

Let it snow!