March 2, 2013

spring/summer 2013

Sofie D’Hoore (b. Antwerp, 1962) established her eponymous label in Brussels in 1992.
Key to understanding the work of Sofie D’Hoore is the notion of perfection, not as an abstract concept, but as something that can be materially expressed. In terms of her designs, it manifests itself in her constant search for refinement in what have become the hallmarks of her success: cut, colour and finish. Over a career that has spanned almost two decades, it is a quest that has evolved into a highly sophisticated design philosophy that, today, imbues her work with a rare coherence.
Fabric is the starting point for every collection. Each season, the designer researches hundreds of textiles before making the choices that will influence her designs; only then does she begin to sketch. The integrity of the materials is paramount.

Underpinning everything is an obsessive attention to detail in terms of the cut, construction and craftmanship of each garment. For Sofie D'Hoore, how the clothes feel when worn is as important as how they look. Her work is about freedom in the broadest sense. Her clothes are always elegant and feminine, but allow great liberty of movement. Every garment is created so that it is comfortable, practical and easy to wear.

The beauty of Sofie D’Hoore’s designs also lies in the fact that everything goes with everything else - which allows for endless possible combinations over any number of collections. It is an intelligent and sustainable approach that focuses on the creation of a highly adaptable wardrobe that never dates, or goes out of fashion.

It is in this context that her work can be said to represent a new form of modern luxury. Clothes by Sofie D’Hoore are thoughtful and discreet but, at the same time, paradoxical. Her work is simple and sophisticated, classic yet wholly contemporary.