September 14, 2009

John is in New York this week buying women's for Spring 2010! If you're one of the scads of wives or girlfriends or daughters that have been after him to do it, now's a good time to get excited. The reports have been very good.

We never really followed through on those promised travel stories, and there's no guarantee there will be any this time, and we're sorry. Hopefully the clothes that keep coming in are incentive enough to visit us. (It feels a little anti-climactic now, but John really did save a woman's life in Paris. She was visibly struggling, the passers-by ignored her, and when John took the time to call an ambulance the medics determined that she'd been having a heart attack!)

The last few shipments of fall are trickling in, and this week we got a few more pieces of Issey Miyake. 

It's edgy

and vibrant

and interesting, always.

Issey Miyake is a Hiroshima survivor! See this article for his recollections.